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    [SOLVED] VirtualBox-ose error message during OS boot

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so please move if in wrong place. Thank you.

    I installed Ubuntu-server 7.10 on my virtual machine last night (VirtualBox-ose). The install went fine. After the LiveCD was removed from the cd tray, I booted into Ubuntu-server via my virtual machine normally; or at least I tried to. I got a Panic error that said:

    Panic: CPU too old for this Kernel
    WTF?? Anyway, I did some research and kind of made some progress on identifying my problem. The first page I read (Bug #151942) said it was a VirtualBox-ose problem because the VM doesn't support a PAE Kernel. Well, while reading through that page, I came to this page (Guest PAE - ticket #212 CLOSED: fixed) where I learned that it was not a problem with VirtualBox-ose, but rather a problem with the Ubuntu Installer. Someone said that the Ubuntu installer loads from a non-PAE Kernel and then tries to install as/on a PAE Kernel without testing it first. (Which would explain why the LiveCD and install worked, but the program couldn't boot from the install itself.) This page appears to fix the problem, but I am having trouble identifying the fix.

    I am still doing more research while stuck at school. Any input from any of you would be much appreciated.

    For an explanation of what what a PAE Kernel is, see here.

    Thank you!

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    Will a moderator please insert [SOLVED] into the thread title, please? Thank you.

    Here is how to solve this problem:

    1) boot from the Ubuntu-server LiveCD and select "Rescue a Computer" from the GRUB menu.

    2) Run through the CLI installer/recovery mode process and follow any and all instructions on screen.

    3) when prompted to, select the option to run a shell on a partition. Mine was /mnt/sda1

    4) You'll drop down into a command prompt. Execute this command:

    apt-get install linux-generic
    5) reboot the virtual machine normally and everything should be good to go.

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    Hi, Skittle

    Thanks for returning to post the fix.

    Just so you'll know, users can mark their own threads SOLVED now by clicking the "thread tools" link at the top of each thread.

    I'll handle this one for you.

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