Hi All...

I am working on linux kernel As a course Assignment , and my program need to read memory related structures from Kernel ,

but i am haveing probelm reading / accessing information from ZONE structures ,as i intend to print zodne Number of pages , free pages etc etc , i m using FC8 , kerenel 2.6.

and can`t really get ptr to zone structure , so that i can read it ,

When i use
static struct zone *zn;

and then in code

// len+= sprintf(buf+len, "%lu",zn->free_pages);
len += sprintf(buf+len, "HowDy wolrd \n");

module compiles fine , but at the end of compilation
and error message appears
that XYZ.ko has undefined variables identifiers ...

so i can`t load module using "lsmod"

Can any body help??

If you need more details to help me , ask , i will provide