I use fakeroot tool to create device nodes under /dev to generate a embedded file system. then use lzma to create an image for my reference board. But when exit fakeroot I change to /dev directory, I can not see character device and block device .

Detail informatioin is below:

[qinguang@rdfwdev2 SDK3200]$ /home/qinguang/SDK3200/tools/bin/fakeroot
[root@rdfwdev2 SDK3200]# cd source/romfs/dev
[root@rdfwdev2 dev]# mknod ttyS0 c 5 1
[root@rdfwdev2 dev]# mknod ttyS1 c 5 2
[root@rdfwdev2 dev]# mknod mtd b 100 1

[root@rdfwdev2 dev]# ls -l ttyS*
crw-r--r-- 1 root root 5, 1 Nov 10 14:26 ttyS0
crw-r--r-- 1 root root 5, 2 Nov 10 14:26 ttyS1
[root@rdfwdev2 dev]# exit
[qinguang@rdfwdev2 SDK3200]$ ls -l source/romfs/dev/ttyS*
-rw--w--w- 1 qinguang firmware 0 Nov 10 14:26 source/romfs/dev/ttyS0
-rw--w--w- 1 qinguang firmware 0 Nov 10 14:26 source/romfs/dev/ttyS1

Why the attribute of device file changed? I guess this will block kernel bootup on reference board, in fact the kernel indeed does not bootup.

Look forward to your reverting . Thanks in advance