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    Kernel panic in DSL

    I'm trying to bring up Damn Small Linux on an older i386 with 128 MB RAM, using GRUB. The kernel seems to panic, and prints out several addresses like "[<c01c0880>]" to screen before saying it's "Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
    (...) [<c020c7fd>]<1>Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c8000000
     printing eip: 
    I did some digging and found that the `eip' value actually coincides with EOF for the kernel, if that makes any difference, and I've been able to reproduce this problem with the following commands passed to GRUB:
    kernel /boot/linux24 --no-mem-option root=/dev/hda2
    kernel /boot/linux24 mem=128M root=/dev/hda2
    My swap partition (hda1) is 500MB; hda2 contains the boot image (well, hopefully) along with an ext2fs filesystem. I'm specifying `mem=' explicitly on the second line because GRUB _may_ be reading from grub.conf and setting mem=16M.

    My machine seems to be in an unbootable state, since neither my SuSE or Slackware live CD can bootstrap the system (there's just a blinking cursor). fdisk is unavailable. I can't spawn init (runlevel 1,2, 3, 4, or 5), period. Any suggestions?

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    I was able to use a SuSE live CD to overwrite the partition table with the same boundaries that I wrote in my install diary prior to the panic. This was enough to put DSL in a bootable state again, but the problem is I don't know why this worked. Any clues?

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