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    Help with Netlink kernel changes

    I'm in the process of porting my kernel module from a 2.6.10 kernel to a kernel. I thought it would be fairly simple until I hit the netlink portion in my module. Somewhere between the 2.6.10 and 2.6.22 or .23 or earlier, netlink changed a substantially. The netlink_kernel_create, for example, went from two to six arguments, the input function went from two to one argument and the struct netlink_skb_parms fields have quite changed.

    I thought the Linux kernel Documentation directory would have something detailing the changes but nothing is there. I've Googled for anything that might discuss the changes or how to port to the new Netlink in the kernel but there is scant information. I did find a number of discussions by folks who were caught by the new netlink kernel calls.

    I could really use some help locating real information and/or howto about the new kernel side netlink . Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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    I am having similar issue. I found that the netlink is available first in 2.6.17 version. I need to back port it to kernel v2.6.9. The kernel docs are not clear enough to extract and port the API. Really appreciate if you have any info.

    thanks, -raju

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