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    Increase your BogoMIPS without changing hardware

    I have been developing a kernel module for quite some time now, and it is finally approaching its first Beta release.

    The module (big-bogo) can be used to increase the BogoMIPS value, thus allowing the kernel to take advantage of what it sees to be better hardware.

    On my Pentium 4 1.8GHz (512Mb RAM), I can increase the BogoMIPS by around 17% using the module.

    It is a little known fact, but a lot of software can be coaxed into running a lot faster by using an increased BogoMIPS value. SchnooGen runs at an increased 10% productivity when using the new module. SchnooGen is otherwise notoriously slow on any standard Intel hardware.

    I have also tested the module with the 2.6 kernel, and an astounding increase in efficiency can be seen when launching large BogoMIPS consuming processes. The big-bogo module dynamically resizes the BogoMIPS cache and allows the kernel to evolve as system load dictates.

    There a few bugs in the initial big-bogo module, including some very rare reports of superblock destruction when transfering files between hard disks on different IDE channels, although this can easily be solved by removing the extra disk, or placing both hard disks on the same IDE channel.

    If you are interested in testing the big-bogo module, please stay tuned to this thread for release information.

    Many kind regards
    Steven Walloon

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    Sounds cool.
    I'll have a Pentium 200MMX and a P3-600 standing ready

    And I'm very, very curious
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    Sounds very cool. I'll be ready to test it on a testbed in the basement.
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    What kernel structures are based upon the Bogomips rating?

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    Interesting, very.....sounds promising

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    im up for trying it!!!
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