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    [SOLVED]recover from kernel panic?

    the error is:

    PANIC: early exception 0e rip 10:ffffffff81025977 error 0 cr2 ffffffffff5fc0f0

    Following instructions to try and work around a WINE memory allocation issue I added: mem=3072

    to the end of the line: kernel /vmlinuz- ro
    root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 rhgb quiet

    in grub.conf (from terminal as root) and rebooted. At reboot I get the above panic.

    I have a very general understanding of what a kernel panic is, but am not a programmer of any type and do not know how to fix this.

    The system does have another kernel listed when I try the system recovery option (F11) just before the panic, but when that loads all I have is a blinking line cursor to type at, no log in options and no idea what to do.

    Fedora 10 x86_64, installed from disk, fully updated as of this morning
    5BG RAM, AMD phenomx4

    I am happy to provide any other information I can, just let me know what.

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    Thanks to help from a couple people on a WINE list I was able to fix this, posting it here in case some other newb needs it in the future.

    To recover from a kernel panic caused by something you changed:

    1) When the grub menu comes on screen during start up, hit any key to stop it's countdown timer. (For my computer, I do not see the grub menu at all unless I press and hold F11 for a while right after the post beep).

    2) Use the arrow keys to highlight the kernel you need to fix and then hit 'e' to edit it.

    3) Use the arrow keys to select the line of the kernel you had changed and then hit 'e' to edit it.

    4)Make your changes (delete whatever you had added, fix a typo, or trying a different solution because your last one didn't work).

    5)hit 'b' to boot the computer.

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