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Thread: Real-Time Patch

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    Real-Time Patch

    I'm looking at the Linux Real-Time Patch (Main Page - RTwiki), and I noticed that it suggested that you turn off ACPI and APM. This is an issue for me, as I want to use ACPI... I don't need the real-time functionality when going into low power mode, so my question is:

    Does this restriction mean that using ACPI cause the kernel to crash, or simply break the preemptiveness of the kernel?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this, and potentially save me a lot of grief.



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    Did it say that it is suggested you turn off ACPI, or did it say that you MUST turn off ACPI and APM? If it is only a suggestion, then I would think you can leave it enabled without crashing the kernel. I wouldn't think it should affect the "preemptiveness" of the kerrnel, unless you had set the sleep/hibernate/shutdown timer such that it causes the system to shut down at the wrong time due to lack of user activity.

    My advice is to try it, and see if it causes you any grief. If it does, then disable it.
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