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    Segmentation fault

    Dear All,

    We Installed RHEL 5 for this Informix products
    Informix SE version 7.26 UC6R1
    Informix 4gl Developer Version 7.32 UC4
    Informix 4gl Runtime Version 7.32 UC4
    Informix 4gl Compiler RT Version 7.32 UC3
    Informix Sql Development Version 7.32 UC4
    Informix Sql Runtime Version 7.32 UC4

    Both as 32 bit

    And the profile as:
    export DBSCREENOUT=/tmp/screen.out
    export DBPATH=/srs-prps/ppsys
    export INFORMIXDIR=/srs-prps/informix
    export PATH=$INFORMIXDIR/bin:$PATH
    export INFORMIXDIR=/srs-prps/informix
    export INFORMIXSERVER=mainsrvr
    export TERMCAP=/srs-prps/informix/etc/termcap
    export INFORMIXTERM=termcap
    export INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=/srs-prps/informix/etc/sqlhosts LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$INFORMIXDIR/lib/tools:$INFORMIXDIR/lib:$INFORMIXDIR/lib/esql export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export SQLEXEC=$INFORMIXDIR/lib/sqlexec
    export TERM=vt100

    And the following

    LET GetInput = TRUE
    WHILE GetInput
    display " Inside infield manno 1 "
    display "GetInput = ", GetInput
    sleep 5
    INPUT w_manno,
    FROM manno,

    AFTER FIELD manno
    display " Inside infield manno 2 "
    sleep 5

    IF w_manno <> " "
    AND w_manno IS NOT NULL
    INTO w_cnt

    The second display is not coming. I can't put a display just after the INPUT command or as I am getting a syntax error. I have also tried the following:

    LET GetInput = TRUE
    WHILE GetInput
    display " Inside infield manno 1 "
    display "GetInput = ", GetInput
    sleep 5

    INPUT BY NAME manno,

    Is coming up with segmenation fault. i.e. I can not get the CURSOR placed in an INPUT field. Can anyone know how to go about it.

    What library forces the INPUT command to place a cursor in input position on a form ?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Felix Mwango Mutale

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    This is a question for IBM Informix support to answer. It does not seem to me to be a RHEL problem, but more one of how Informix is handling its own scripting. A segfault means that the program has a bug.
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