Hi all,

I have implemented a few calls like mkdir (creates a new directory), doesFileExist(checks whether the specified file exists or not), listDirectory(listing the contents of a directory) etc. to support my clone of FAT.

I am currently working on a simple text editor, which would be loaded by the shell from a floppy disk.

So my question is:
How can I use my system-calls in the editor?

My shell cum kernel is 48 sectors in size and is loaded at 0x1000:0x0000.
So the system extends upto 0x1000:0x0000 + 48*512bytes = 0x1000:0x6000
in memory.

The memory ranging from 0x0500:0x0000 to 0x0500:0x0AFFF is reserved for the floppy disk programs.

So how I can use the calls available in CHUNK1 in CHUNK 2?

Thank you.