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    Creating a core dump of an application


    When does an process response to a signal like SIGQUIT? I mean to say if the process is executing in the kernel space it will only respond to the signal once it comes back to user space. If it never returns from kenel space the signal cannt be processed.

    If I am wrong plz correct me.

    We have a scenario we have a multiprocessor system and multithreaded process running on all processors.

    One of the thread in the process is in kernel mode. What will happen if a SIGQUIT is send from the second process running at the other processor.

    In case another thread in the 1st process get a chance to run (which is at user space )receives the signal how will t response?

    Thanks in advance

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    even if u have more than one process of same object running on different processor each have its own context.i.e. each process in kernel have individual context .if u r using linux "current" for <asm/current.h> contains the context of each process.
    Also with in each process there is variable state which contains current state of process.I dont know adjact behaviour in case of multiple processor and multi thread but u can bind one process to particular CPU and thus eliminating situation of multiple processors.
    also it is not necessary that if one process is in kernel mode it can not handel interrupts.It choose to do so but masking other interrupts.

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