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Thread: uClinux problem

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    uClinux problem

    Hi everybody,

    first of all I apologize if i didn't post my thread in the right place!

    I am trying to compile uClinux for my ARM Atmel board (AT91SAM7). On "make", i get the following error:

    as: unrecognized option `-marmv4'
    init/main.c: In function `profile_setup':
    init/main.c:135: output pipe has been closed
    make[1]: *** [init/main.o] Error 1

    Any ideas about what it can be wrong?

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    I'm not familiar with uClinux but I have found a page, hopefully you've already seen it. You'll need to post the exact make command also. If you've followed the HOWTO, have you already copied/extracted the patches?
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    Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately it didn't help me

    patches extracted... doesn't bring more than other errors...

    Is there anybody who had the same problem or can suggest some more possible solutions?

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    I take it that the Atmel ARM board is your target. What is the host system that you are building the uClinux on? Also, what version of the GCC tool set are you using, and what kernel is being built for uClinux?
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    I'm not the linux expert, but as I read on forums and websites, I realized I have to build a toolchain for my board (yes, atmel ARM - AT91SAM7X256). But following the steps from the uClinux website (I wanted to post the url here, but I'm not allowed yet. Anyway, the HOWTO steps for beginners) with the configuration and elf-toolchain for AT91 of course, I thought this is exactly what I was doing. But I get this error which I already described, on the 'make' step.

    I also ran a shell script (website: Building a GNU/Linux ARM Toolchain (from scratch), of Charles M. "Chip" Coldwell), gcc-binutils 2.16, gcc 3.4, glib 2.35, kernel 2.6. which compiled and finished successfully. I was looking for a generated .bin file which i have to download on the board, but i haven't seen any. Or am I supposed to look for something else?

    The host PC is a laptop - TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A40 (i486). I also have to mention that after doing all this steps above and issuing 'as --version' command, the toolchain was still for i486. But this is actually another thing which I don't understand, maybe somebody can explain it to me: is the configuration supposed to change after building a new toolchain, so that I can see it when checking for assembler version? Or is there a new kernel for ARM created, which I have to download on my board? Or how exactly does it work?
    Any help appreciated! Thanks!

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