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    what's relationship between VFS inode and ext3_inode?

    in kernel space ,if i get the i_ino(inode mumber ) of a file, and next how could i get the block number of this file? in VFS layer the inode struct haven't i_block[] array to point to the blocks. but in ext3_inode struct, it has. what's the relationship between the VFS inode and ext3_inode?

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    ext3-user or ext3-developer mailing list may provide more answers for you.

    Anyway , here is my assumptions,VFS provides "posix" compliance metadata structure (speicifies set of field each file system's inode should have)
    VFS - Virutal File system , acts as an abstraction between real File System (ext2,ext3,ReiserFs etc) .

    For example ,while processing ext3 file's inode,it's content and copied to VFS and manipulated and then returned back to ext3 file's original inode.
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