I am newbee to USB driver development on linux flatform.

Presently i am writing the USB driver for the gadget on device side, My host has compatable driver with resepect to the device.

My device has 3 endpoints 1 interface, 3 end points are 1. Interrupt endpoint, Bulk IN and BULK OUT.
Precondition : Enumaration was done properly, device driver loaded on host side.

Now HOST is sending the interrupt on interrupt endpoint for that i need to reply with the 8-byte data to the host from device.
I am unable to get how to send the data back on the interrupt endpoint, as unable to know interrupt came or not ? where i have to trace(which file) that interrupt came on interrupt endpoint.?

Please can anybody suggest or give me a pointers file names which all i need to look into so that i can send back the data.

Harsha S