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    headphone jack borked with new kernel

    with kernel 2.6.27, audio works fine on built-in speakers or headphones.

    with any kernel after that, audio works fine on built-in speakers but headphone jack doesnt work.

    sort of. I can get sound out of my headphone jack if it's plugged in not all the way, but if I plug it in all teh way I get no sound at all. it's a stereo male jack, and it's a stereo female jack... so weird.

    I can compile 2.6.27 and get it workign again. I've tried many newer kernels and they all bork my sound in this way.

    my alsa info:

    my hardware: Asus G50VT-X1 full specifications at Obsessable

    I'm also having other annoying issues with alsa, just that I have no 'mix' 'bass' or 'trebble' input/output sources. I've got a thread about that here: alsamixer - missing 'mix', 'bass', 'trebble' devices - JustLinux Forums

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    I'm having the same problem ... I really tried a thousand times a way to fix and has searched in foruns but I couldn't find something that resolves my problem.
    My notebook is a Asus G50Vt. If you find something that can fix this please tell me.
    my email ->

    tnks a lot.

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