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Thread: ELF relocation

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    ELF relocation

    Dear all
    When linux load an elf executable, it will resolve all the libraries, but after the executable is finished, will those library it referenced be remove from the memory?
    from Peter

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    Good Question, though I think your at the wrong forums.
    I bet there is somebody here who knows it for sure. But if I recall correctly it unloads all librarys after the elfs execution. Though I ain't a 100% sure on that. To be sure I'd advice to check with Kernel Development Groups @ VGER.KERNEL.ORG

    Hope that helps

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    AFAIK, the libraries are only unloaded if there are no other applications using them. The data segments will be unloaded as they are local to the process using them, but the text (code) pages will remain in memory until the last application using them terminates. Then, they might remain in cache so that if you start an application that uses those libraries in a short period of time, it won't need to read the code from disc, but can simply page it back into memory.
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