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    Cannot determine the version of the linux kernel source when installing fuse

    hi ,
    im using turbo linux 10 when installing ntfs-3g , fuse is a dependency ...i tried installing it but when i run ./configure I get this error
    == configuring in kernel (/root/fuse-2.7.4/kernel)
    configure: running /bin/sh ./configure '--prefix=/usr/local' --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
    checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
    checking if FUSE is loaded as a module... no
    checking if FUSE module is built into the kernel... no
    checking if FUSE module is from official kernel... no
    checking kernel source directory... /usr/src/linux-2.6.0
    checking kernel build directory... /usr/src/linux-2.6.0
    checking kernel source version... Not found
    configure: error:
    *** Cannot determine the version of the linux kernel source. Please
    *** prepare the kernel before running this script

    configure: error: ./configure failed for kernel
    i dont know if it is due to the fact that im using kernel linux-2.6.0....

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    Hello aarca

    I remember that I had some issues getting ntfs-3g support to work. However, the first thing for you to try is to download the fuse dependency via the Turbo Linux graphical installer. Trying to compile from the commandline is sure to create heartache (you'll have to configure all the paths etc. directly). Also, the GUI installer should sort your dependencies automatically.

    If running KDE, click on the KDE menu, select [Turbolinux] -> and click on the [Package management tool].

    Taken from TurboLinux 10f Review -

    "TurboLinux's Package Management is handled by a program called Zabom."
    "Unfortunately, Zabom only works with the packages that are included on the CDs, in order to install packages from other sources, TurboLinux includes a program called Cuickin (Quick Install I guess), which is basically a frontend to rpm -Uvh."

    So TurboLinux uses the standard rpm package system. Check it out and then reply if you need further help! Good luck.
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