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    Daylight saving not working properly with linux-2.6. kernel

    The daylight saving action is not working

    Time zone was set for that Australia(parth) and issued reboot.
    Now for DST, (Daylight Saving Time):
    For 29 Oct 2006 (sunday) day, if set time is 1:59:00 than after 1 minute it will
    become 3:00:00 as per DST . This was found to be happening.i.e DST start worked fine.

    But DST ending which was supposed to be on 25 March 2007 (sunday) didnt work. The expected behaviour was one minute after 2.59.59 (AM) the time should have become 2.0.0.(AM) . But it continued to become 3.00.00 and then 3.00.01 and so on.

    This behaviour is observed in the southern hemisphere countries only like newzealand, chile etc.
    Please suggest if this is a configuration of kernel issue or this is an inherent bug in kernel 2.6

    Strangely for linux-2.4 this issue is not there,

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    Wasn't there a change to DST in Australia, or there is a split on where it is applied to? I think there were some patches a year or so ago around DST. What version of the kernel are you using? It may be that you are using an older one that hasn't been patched.

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    The DST for Australia(Perth ) started properly. i.e on 29,Oct 2006 at 1.59.59 (AM)the time changed to 3.00.00. (AM) . So when trying to stop DST, even thought time was in DST period, the time didnt revert back back by one hour on 25th Mar, 2007 at 2.59.59 (AM)to 2.0.0.(AM).

    The kernel version in use in linux-2.6.19 . Even in kernel-2.6.26 the issue is there. So is a patch available which can be applied? But with linux-2.4.20 kernel the issue is not seen. Does this throw any light??

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