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    kernel boot time

    ı want to speed up kernel boot time, but ı haven't got any informatin about it. please help me

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    I suspect that you are talking about system boot time? Kernel boot time is dependent upon the drivers built into the kernel itself, plus any kernel modules that have to be loaded at boot time. You can remove any kernel modules you don't need to improve that. As for system boot time, there are a lot of shell scripts that get executed at startup to configure various system services, not all of which do you likely need. You can remove the services you don't need easily enough. These two things will improve boot times, possibly significantly.

    That said, this is NOT an exercise for a newbie, such as you appear to be. If you do it incorrectly, or remove the wrong kernel modules and/or services, you might end up with a "bricked" system and have to reinstall the OS from scratch to fix. Whatever you do, backup all data files you need before you do this.
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    yes you are right, ı said about stystem bootup time. I will try to do your advice.

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