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    HORM - Hibernate once, resume many

    Hi all,
    I'm currently investigating methods to speed up boot time of a HTPC for use with media center software. One thing I found for Windows is the possibility of HORM (Hibernate once, resume many). It uses the same hibernation file at every bootup (until something goes wrong - if it does, it starts the computer normally). Would such a thing be possible on linux, too? I read a lot about it but could not find anyone who tried that on the Linux kernel. TuxOnIce seems to be the most extensive hibernation system for Linux. If it is possible, does TuxOnIce have to write the whole memory to disk, even if only small parts of it are in use? I wonder how long a resume would need with 2GB RAM and a decent SLC SSD?
    Did anyone ever try to accomplish that with Linux? Or does anyone have some good papers that explain the hibernation architectures on Linux?
    Thanks in advance,

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    You might want to visit the TuxOnIce web site. They have some very useful information about standard Linux hibernate/suspend/resume tools and comparisons with their own capabilities. They do have a "Keep image mode (For kiosks)" capability that should do what you want. In any case, here is their Features page: TuxOnIce - Features
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