When attempting to boot a realtime kernel (as of patch-2.6.31-rc8-rt9), the SATA drive attached to:
does not operate properly. Getting through boot takes over 15 minutes, and any attempt to access the disk hangs the system for several minutes.
The two identical disks on
do not fail.

System specs:
NVIDIA 780i Motherboard
Q6600 CPU
4GB 1066Mhz RAM
GeForce 8800GT
120GB IDE Disk (OS)
Three 250GB Disks in striped Linux Software RAID (storage)
Nearly every process subjected to reniced.
CPU Shielding daemon script in place for a few choice applications.

I've waited for about 8 months on this, but none of the updates have solved my problem. Any idea what kernel options can fix this, or is there any interest in patching things up?