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    Re-compile kernel parts

    Hi. I wondered if I can recompile just some little parts of a kernel after I built and installed form source, which takes a lot of time.
    For example, suppose I want to modify some little lines of code inside networking code, (e.g. net/core/dev.c), how can I re-compile and run the "hacked" kernel in order for the modifications I need to be active?

    I know about the development of modules, but don't know if it can be usefull about hacking networking stuff, if I can unload a particular module or something, and re-load after my modifications.

    Thanks a lot

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I no longer build my own kernels, but back when I did so, this guide proved to be extremely helpful:

    It should cover the various shortcuts that you might want to use for your kernel builds.

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