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    unloading a module

    Hi i'm trying to unload the RTC module, i type rmmod rtc for that, but i get the error

    ERROR: Module rtc does not exist in /proc/modules

    it is not in /proc/modules, but i can see it in /dev/rtc.

    The reason i want to remove it is because i need to use OProfiler and OProfiler requires that the original RTC module be removed because it has to load its own to function.

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    The existence of a /dev/rtc file shows that your running kernel includes a driver for the hardware clock, but it may not be compiled as a separate module. Any driver can be compiled directly into the kernel, in which case it cannot be removed by rmmod. You can see if you have a separate rtc module by using lsmod|more or lsmod|grep rtc. You can also try searching for the module in /lib/modules/(kernel_version)/kernel.

    If the rtc driver is really compiled in, the only way to get rid of it is to build your own kernel and use that instead.
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