This may be a bit long, but please bear with me

OK, so yesterday I updated my kernel from to 2.6.32 (self-configured and compiled). Everything went well and the new kernel is working just fine. However, I found a problem while running a program and I don't know if I should assign this problem to the new kernel or to the program itself, let me explain....

I run a bittorrent tracker which uses opentracker[1] and in its config file, it is configured to listen to for statistics. I also have a web server running with a site that offers information on the status of the tracker and fetches some of its statistics using a bit of php code and then displays them on the site. While running kernel, everything was working just fine but after switching to kernel 2.6.32, I noticed that when I start the tracker, wait a minute or so and then refresh the website so it can fetch the statistics and display them, opentracker suddenly starts consuming all of the CPU and it seems to somehow "die" (though it is not really dead, but it drops all outgoing connections and hogs the CPU while doing nothing) and the only way to stop this is to just kill it which in the end means I can't fetch its statistics due to this behavior and anyone who comes to the site will trigger this behavior. I have recompiled opentracker again, but still I get the exact same behavior under kernel 2.6.32. If I reboot into kernel, then this problem does not exist at all.

I know that this may not be the right place to ask about this but opentracker's author seems to be a guy who only responds to mails if someone has some good things to say about his software or if someone thanks him for something. If, on the other hand, someone has a problem or reports a strange behavior, he never replies back and just ignores you, as has been my personal experience with this so I'm left with not many options here. I also suspect that it may be something more on the kernel side than on opentracker's side since under kernel, it does not behave that way. Any suggestions, help, etc is welcome

http: //erdgeist.org/arts/software/opentracker/