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    Smile kernel panic: why my compiled kernel can't run "/init" from initramfs?

    Hi all, wish your help.
    I build kernel2.6.31 and initramfs into image.iso,
    then run it in virtualbox. //Initramfs is simple, may lack some file.
    Just want to have a try, to run the first program on linux.
    error: can't run "/init" program. //never run into "/init"

    Trace the run process by printk func.
    It run into kernel_execve(), and sys_execve() is done ok, returned 0,
    but not come back to kernel_execve().
    it block here for 5 min. then prompt:
    kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes...

    I found before execute "/init", kernel run "sbin/hotplug" many times,
    there is no "sbin/hotplug" in initramfs.
    kernel_execve() always return -2. //here may expend many memory.

    Using ubuntu9.04 system's initrd.img as initramfs.It also run
    "sbin/hotplug" many times before run "/init", but run ok to shell.
    system boot successful, and can do simple job in the shell environment.

    How to kill such panic? Achieve to run the first program.
    Anyone can give me some advices to such problem? Thanks a lot.

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    /init is runed over, the fact is "/init" can't output to consol!

    I fount /init runed, soon completed, // I compiled it from sysvinit software package
    The problem is: /init can't output to console!

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    Ok, problem resolved. /init can output to console now.

    Ok, problem resolved. /init can output to console now.

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