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    Smile Usb_pci_io_offset,....

    hi i am newbie to Vxworks os. but there is no reply to my post on vxworks formus thts y i am posting my query here....

    i am tring to create a bsp specific file (usbPciStub.c) for system specific pci functions...

    for customizing the template file i need 3 macros values...

    1. USB_PCI_IO_OFFSET (offset between the physical pci io address and virtual pci io address)

    2. USB_PCI_MEMIO_OFFSET (offset bet memio (non prefetch) pci physical address and local virtual address)

    2. USB_PCI_MEM_OFFSET (offset bet mem (prefetchable) pci physical address and local virtual address)

    i am using MPC8641D board with vxworks 653 os but i am not able to get these macros values so plz anyone help me to get these macros values....

    thx in advance

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    Smile English language as opposed to illiterate jargon

    Hello, it may seem trendy, or perhaps you were never taught to write clear, precise, English at school. If you were, then shame on you for being so lazy I could reply to your answer in phonetics or latin, alas, they would make as little sense to you as your crude impatient texting efforts are to me. Please post in proper English if you expect a coherent reply, we are here to help, not obstruct. So many posters seem to have no grasp of simple, clear, English language. If you repost/modify your requested information, I and many others may be able to help you. Most of the forum helpers are skilled programmers in their own right, they, like the many programmes they construct, require clear, posotive, and literate commands/instructions to work properly. So please do us all a favour and post in clear English and forget the trendy text and aliases, it impresses no one, but offends many myself included. It may even lead to an answer to the problem you have if posted clearly. If this comment offends the moderators or forum monitors, then I apologise for my outburst but still reserve my rights to comment about incoherent posts. I have learned much and I am still learning, mainly due to the clear and precise replies of the members. Kind regards, do post your requests for help as clearly and as precisely as possible, many thanks, Bob.
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    I really apologize for my worst writting skills.....Now i am again remmodifying my last post. please reply me as soon as possible

    I am tring to create a bsp specific file (usbPciStub.c) in Vxworks Operating System for MPC8641DRAM powerpc architecture.
    this file contains system specific pci functions...

    I got the template file in my bsp but i need to customize it according to my BSP.

    So during customization i need below given 3 macro values

    1. USB_PCI_IO_OFFSET (offset between the physical pci I/O address and virtual pci I/O address)

    2. USB_PCI_MEMIO_OFFSET (offset between memory I/O (non prefetchable) pci physical address and local virtual address)

    2. USB_PCI_MEM_OFFSET (offset between memory (prefetchable) pci physical address and local virtual address)

    thx in advance

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