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    How to install the kernel, when the kernel software is available in the same system..

    Hello frnds,

    i've downloaded latest kernel software that is saved in my system.Now, What command we use to install the kernel, when the kernel software is available in the current system in temp folder?
    location of kernel exe file is: /tmp/kernel.exe

    i need the procedure and also what commands are used to install the kernel...?

    thanks in advance.

    with regards,

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    where did you download the kernel from?

    .exe is typically a windows only executable extension, did you purposely name it this?

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    actually, in my interview , he asked me like that. i dont know that it is windows format.
    He asked me, "if i downloaded latest kernel software and it is stored in my own, by using which command we can install kernel software in the same system."
    this is the question. and i was not able to answer his question.

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    and he also asked me one more question.
    What is the admin tool name used in RedHatLinux?
    can u please tel me .....what is the answer...
    thanks in advance.

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    If the question your interviewer asked was "How do you install a kernel with the name and location of /tmp/kernel.exe", the correct answer would have been .exe is a windows executable and not typically used in a Linux environment (excluding emulators). This is not a kernel package. I believe they were wondering if you knew anything at all about a UNIX system.

    As for admin tool, are you refering to a tool used for configuring a Linux kernel? If so, there are several, but before you can even start you should verify the package.

    For more information in compiling and installing a kernel in Red Hat, I would check the docs area of the Red Hat website.

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