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    platform on which embedded linux works


    I want to know abt the embedded linux OS.

    In which platform does the embedded linux works??


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    I believe this depends on the company making a paticular version of Embeded Linux and what specific device they were targeting. It's not a robust version a desktop would use and in an effort to keep the kernel small only what is needed will be included. This would include the type of processor to be used. So, it really depends on what the kernel is being compiled for (I would think).

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    Embedded Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    there are MANY supported platforms, I think the list of unsupported platforms is probably shorter

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    Embedded Linux

    The list is too large to list with any kind of accuracy. The most distributed OS for the longest time was something called OSE which was the OS that was put on all of Nokia's mobile phones. After that comes embedded linux found in most SOHO equipment, a few phones, most of the high end TV's, although some would argue Windriver's VxWorks comes second. Microsoft's WinCE doesn't really rate. There is a great deal of equipment out there that is computer controlled/monitored but is only running a tight loop with polling and interrupts but no OS. If you need to keep things cheap and lean then you don't need an OS, just a small amount of memory, a tiny flash and a good embedded s/w writer. If you need an OS then...

    I'm not allowed to post URL's so the search I list should get you to where you need to go.

    One popular distro of embedded linux is uClinux (Search on uclinux) . I have used this distro for any kind of board that does not have a mmu like the m68k or Coldfire processor boards. I've also used it for some of the newer processor boards that do have a mmu like Blackfin or the Xscale processors. You need to have a look at the website to get a feel for how many different kinds of boards it supports, it's quite impressive and the support you get on the forum if a bit crusty at times, is quite expert on embedded linux.

    If you are looking for a distro that works well for PPC and ARM then try the distro created and supported by Wolfgang Densk (Search on Denx and linux). His business has branched out over the years but it still has the denx distro of Linux available for download.

    There are many other sites to get various distros of embedded linux. These are two that I'm acquainted with.


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    thanks u all..
    your ideas were really halpful 4 me.. And solved many queries regarding emb linux

    thanks once again

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