Dear all,

I have a question about Vanilla kernel installation and I would appreciate if you could kindly give me a hand. I have already downloaded and installed vanilla kernel from "The Linux Kernel Archives" web site several times on different linux distributions, in particular Fedora core, and it has always worked pretty well without any problem. Recently I installed Fedora core 12 and for some task I needed again to install a vanilla kernel. Everything went well, until the initrd image creation. When I wanted to create the image with the mkinitrd command I got the following error message:

# mkinitrd   /boot/initrd-
get_netlink_msg returned No such file or directory
get_netlink_msg returned No such file or directory
There was actually an image file created despite the error message but it seems to be corrupted and it is not possible to boot with this image.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,