Hi LINUX Gurus...

i have some probles related to usb Host stack...it would be appreiable if anyone can help me on this....

i bought 64 GB mass storage card from one company.
the card no: is IC-SSD-PMCa it detects as a 4 usb devices of 16 GB
i am porting the USB HOST STACK from vxworks 6.x to vxworks 653
i implemented the Host Driver layer and USB Driver layer. Now i am
facing problems in USB CLASS DRIVER layer...
the class driver layer implemnts the dynamic attachment and removal of
usb devices and provides API's to the FILE SYSTEM.
i have some doubts related to class driver layers.
( 1 ) Since i am building the whole module as a component. when i am
adding the class driver layer files ( usrUsbBulkDevInit.c and
usbBulkDevLib.c ) with my other two layer (USB HOST DRIVER and USB
DRIVER)files and tring to build as a component then code is
hanging.... but when i removed these CLASS DRIVER layer files and
builded the remaining two layer files then it is building files
properly and intializes the controller. i dont know why it is
if any one please help me regarding this it would be appreciable...
( 2 ) my 2nd question is can we read and write to Flash Chip of usb
Devices without implementing the file system on the top of class
driver layer ??
is it possible to read and write raw data to nand flash chips...??
if yes then How..??
if any one please help me regarding this it would be appreciable...
thanks and Best regards
Sandeep Gulati