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    Is there a way to view processes weight values

    Hi, I am working on a school project which involves manipulating the timeslice allocated to processes. I know I can adjust the process priorities which would result in the timeslice being adjusted accordingly, however I would like to experiment with adjusting the timeslice based on the weights allotted to the processes after the Linux 2.6 CFS scheduler have determined the weighted values for the processes. My question: Is there a way to view/change these weighted values?



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    Sorry Colin but homework help is against the rules as we don't want lecturers after us!
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    I am not looking for homework help, I am new to Linux and the question I posted on this site is just a small aspect of what I am working on. I am not asking for anyone to write my code, I just need some advise on whether the concept can work. This way I can go about building the mechanisms to implement and test this idea.
    It is very presumptuous of you to think I am looking for you or anyone else to do my homework. My idea is different that is why I wanted to know if I would be able to at least view/change the weighted values assigned to the processes prior to execution. A simple yes/no would be OK if you are uncomfortable divulging too much.


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