basic informations:

- Debian Lenny
- Kernel

An USB and a PS2 Keyboard

the problem:

Iīm trying to build a Kernel that isnīt able to use PS2/AT Keyboard. The reason is simple: Iīm writing a device driver to use a PS2 Keyboard without the input system.

So I configured a Kernel and removed the PS2 driver hoping this would solve all my probs. Unfortunatly it seems Linux isnīt as bright as it seems because I still canīt request 0x60 and 0x64 because "keyboard" has them. My problem is that I need "keyboard" to handle my usb keyboard, so I canīt remove keyboard support it self (would be quiet dumb anyway).

Iīve gone through like 1000 pages of source of the parts of the input system now, but couldnīt find the line I was looking for. Iīm quiet willing to make a little hack if needed since the system Iīm building is pretty specialised.

So, my questions are:

1. can I somehow force the release of 0x60 and 0x64 from outside the driver using them?
2. can anyone tell me where I could make a little tweak to stop "keyboard" using this ports?
3. is there anything else I could do to work around this problem?

best regards