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    New DEFINEs in include/linux/sched.h not found

    I've been asked to build a new linux kernel that has fair group sharing (yes, it is
    implemented in newer kernel versions already, but I'm going to be doing it using
    the rt scheduler). This is for an Operating Systems class.

    Now then, after I've built everything and recompiled the new kernel, it doesn't
    seem to be able to figure out that I have a new scheduling policy. In particular,
    even though I've placed...

    ...into the include/linux/sched.h header, it doesn't recognize that it's been added.
    (i.e. Trying to compile will give an "Undefined" error.)

    The only way I can make it recognize the newly added policy (so that I can do
    spiffy things like sched_setscheduler()) is to have the include from:

    #include "/usr/src/linux-"
    rather than the "proper" way of:
    #include <linux/sched.h>
    This makes me think that my headers aren't being used and <linux/sched.h> is
    pointing some other version that my system knows of. If that's the case, then
    this is really bad, because it's likely that all of my other modified kernel files
    aren't being used either. Not really sure though.

    Any thoughts on this?


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    Sorry, but the terms of use for these forums precludes giving help for school work. In any case, you should be able to determine why the correct headers are not being included when you compile. That's pretty much Linux/Unix Programming 101.
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    As it turns out (I just figured it out with some friends) there's some magical
    thing that happens when compiling. To get things to be recognized properly, we
    threw a syntax error, tried to compile, it stopped at the error, we fixed it, and then

    Everything works fine now.

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