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    Read Superblock in Kernel Space


    I want to write a program in kernel space where I can read the superblock. What is the source code supposed to read the Superblock?


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    Only a guess...

    I'm going to take a crack at this one but please understand that this is a guess and not from someone that has done any work with the super-block...

    I don't think the Linux kernel actually reads the super block. The boot loader will read it so the source code would be in LILO or Grub. Now the disk driver module would probably know it is reading the super block so perhaps in the low level ATA, SATA or IDE drivers you would find something. Once the kernel is loaded and running and your OS is completely up, anything that reads the super block is probably just an application that knows how to address the disk directly to read the contents.

    The good thing about me answering is that if I'm wrong then as well all know, on the internet people love to jump in and "correct" people who are incorrect so hopefully someone will jump in and eviscerate my post.


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