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I need to allocate memory for my buffer.I gone through the "Linux IA64 Archives: Re: __you_cannot_kmalloc_that_much " ,
but could not get a clear idea.
That post says that, usually, if you get a __you_cannot_kmalloc_that_much, the problem is in you trying to allocate too much memory rather than in the kernel refusing to do so.

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and you have said about changing memory management policy.changing this could fix the problem? if so tell me how to change the memory management policy ,as i had never handle it .
The memory management policy is the way how you allocate and deallocate memory. Instead of immediately allocating a large chunk of memory for the whole life time of your module, you could allocate memory only when you need it and as much as you need. Also, free your memory once you don't need it.

Please note, that since I don't know what you are trying to achieve, I am not able to give you but very general advice.