Hi all,

I want to write a kernel driver that redirect the console output to an external display (the interface is just a function call).
The serial console is "ttyS0" and setting up with struct console.
My idea was to get access to the serial console with "take_over_console" defined in console.h. I defined a struct consw (lcdcon) and call
 take_over_console(&lcdcon, -1, MAX_NR_CONSOLES-1, 0);
the consw.startup function is called but nothing else happend.

I think that is the problem in the take_over_console function.
if (!vc_cons[i].d || !vc_cons[i].d->vc_sw)
Has anybody an idea to solve my problem?

update: sorry I forgot to tell that I am on an ARM-board with kernel 2.4.22