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Thread: Kernel Panic

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    Kernel Panic

    I have written a Linux kernel module (in Linux 2.4, Red Hat 9) which does the followings:

    It takes srcIP, sourceport, destIP, destport and loadvalue as command line arguments. If configured load value is greater than 1, it creates different channels (i.e. No of UDP channels created equals to configured load value), assign different source port and destination port to different channels and send UDP datagram in different channels. Say for example the configured parameters are as follows srcIP= destIP= sourceport=10000 destport= 20000 loadvalue=2. Then it creates two UDP different channels and transmits UDP packets (in every 20 milliseconds) to destination IP address (i.e., with source port 10000, destination port 20000 in one channel and source port 10002, destination port 20000 in another channel.

    When I configure to pass ?loadvalue=500? and run the module, I get the below kernel panic message in system log file (i.e., var/log/messages)

    <0>Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler! In interrupt handler - not syncing.

    Running the same linux kernel module ,in 1000 loadvalue, I get this message, in text console.

    eth0: Out-of-sync dirty pointer, 49937 vs. 49954
    What are the root cause of these problems and how will I solve these ?

    Kernel Panic Messages:

    Code: 8b 56 18 89 70 04 8b 46 1c c7 46 10 00 00 00 00 8b 7e 0c 89
    <0>Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
    In interrupt handler - not syncing
    Call Trace:
    c01dd0bc ide_wait_stat c01dcff0
    c01dd4a6 start_request c01dd2e0
    c01dd6ae ide_do_request c01dd5e0
    c01dd98d ide_timer_expiry c01dd8a0
    c01dd8a0 ide_timer_expiry c01dd8a0
    c012167b run_timer_list c0121570
    c011d332 bh_action c011d310
    c011d246 tasklet_hi_action c011d200
    c011d085 do_softirq c011cff0
    c0108b9e do_IRQ c0108b00
    c0105360 default_idle c0105360
    c010b208 call_do_IRQ c010b203
    c0105360 default_idle c0105360
    c0105383 default_idle c0105360
    c0105412 cpu_idle c01053c0
    c0105000 rest_init c0105000

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