Hi All,

I've a typical requirement for presenter hid device.

[Diagram below]

User Space
i/p sub system
hid class driver
|----------------- * [Pass HID report
| coming from user space]
usb driver

1. I have usb hid class report in userspace.
2. I need to send this usb hid report to the existing 'USB Hid class
driver in the kernel for parsing the report. In usual scenarios the
'USB Hid class driver' registers itself with the USB driver to receive
HID reports.

Part(1) above looks fine since I can have a character driver to read
USB HID Reports from user space and get it to the kernel.
But, then how do I send this report, like the usb driver, to the USB
HID CLASS DRIVER for parsing.

Please let me know if you can help me out with this.