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    my steps to configure kdump/kexec

    Hi! I used linux- on Ubuntu 9.10 on my VMware to configure kdump &kexec, but I failed. My steps are:

    1.I uncompressed linux- twice, and got 2 source code. I named it as linux- and linux- , i.e., the "system kernel" and "capture kernel".

    2.I first compiled the "system kernel" with the following options:
    local version: -system

    3.I executed these commands:
    make install
    make modules_install
    And then I produced file:
    initrd.img- .

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    4.I edited grub to add the parameter: crashkernel=128M@16M

    5.I executed the command: update-grub2
    Then I reboot my computer with my "system kernel", everything is right!

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    6.I compiled the "capture kernel" with the following options:
    local version: -capture

    7.I executed the command: make modules_install
    And then I produced file: initrd.img-

    8.I executed the command: apt-get install kexec-tools

    9.I copied ./linux- to /home/administrator/
    And I copied initrd.img- to /home/administrator/

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    10.I executed the command:
    kexec -p /home/administrator/vmlinux --initrd=/home/administrator/initrd.img- --args-linux --append="root=/dev/hda1 1 irqpoll maxcpus=1 reset_devices "

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    After the above 10 steps, I didn't see any abnormal things or any error messages.

    Then I triggerred a "panic(...)" sentence added by me in the kernel file tun.c , shortly I saw that the kernel was dead and the mouse and keyboard were all dead.

    But the screen remained unchanged for a long time, and I couldn't see the "capture kernel" to replace "system kernel" to work.

    Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot!

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    Hi wolaile,
    I'm having exactly the same problem. My systems seems to boot with no warnings and kexec seems to load the "capture" kernel. But when the kernel hangs nothing happens.
    I'm using a custom 2.6.36 kernel on a x86 machine (debian 5) and I've compiled kexec-tools form the source (git repo).

    Have you found a solution?


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