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    Tools for memory mapping

    Hi all,
    can anyone tell me how to find the memory map of any process? I used the pmap on unix. But my requirement is to check how much memory has been allocated from any library files.
    For example suppose i have one a.exe and it load one file which allocate some memory. so can there be any utility to trace which memory is invoked by which .so file.

    Manish Gurnaney

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    Hi ,,

    There will a directory created for each process inside /proc ..

    you can look into /proc/"proc-id"/map


    -sh-3.2# cat /proc/3318/maps
    00173000-0029c000 r-xp 00000000 fd:00 1081738 /lib/
    0029c000-002af000 rwxp 00129000 fd:00 1081738 /lib/
    002af000-002b3000 rwxp 002af000 00:00 0
    0039e000-0039f000 r-xp 0039e000 00:00 0 [vdso]
    005bd000-005c8000 r-xp 00000000 fd:00 1080508 /lib/libgcc_s-4.1.2-20080825.s.1
    005c8000-005c9000 rwxp 0000a000 fd:00 1080508 /lib/libgcc_s-4.1.2-20080825.s.1

    does that answer your query..?

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    Tools for memory mapping

    Hi Narayanan,
    I have tried that that gives me Heap Memoray as a separate entry. What i am looking for when i am allocating a memory from heap through a library/So file i should be able to trace it that total how much memory has been allocated from heap for a specific library.


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    oh....i think you need memory tracing tool..will try to find one if possibe....

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