Currently we are running kernel based on linux kernel 2.6.18 within a Centos distribution. I've read in rfc 2405 that the way initialization vectors were done in the past is that they used a random number for the first IV, and the last 8 octets of the previous message for each successive IV. I've also read this was deemed a security risk and now the thinking is to use a random number for each IV.

My question is I can't seem to find anything in my kernel source code that would point me to whether I have the old way(random number on first, 8 bytes of previous after) or the new way which is to get a random number for each IV.

Can anyone tell me definitively, or give me pointers as to what files to look at in either the /crypto, /drivers/crypto, or /arch/crypto directories that would point me to know which IV solution we have? We have a requirement to support the new way and I just wanna make sure we either have it, or know what files we need to patch to make it happen.

Thanks in advance.