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    PCI Driver + DMA +Interrupt, How to?

    Hi any ine can point me or provide some PCI driver with DMA and Interrupt? I have checked LDD3 and Linux dacumentation but i dont know how to put all toguether.
    Just a further explanation of what i want to do:

    I need to send some to may card and after some time it will send a burst of data as a master of the BUS using DMA, and receive a interrupt from DMA when transaction is over.

    Thank you!!

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    Since this is some of the most sensitive programming, kernel level device drivers, it is STRONGLY recommended that you read, review, and understand in detail how these drivers work directly by getting the code and studying it in great detail. Don't scrimp on this. There are too many details to cover in a forum like this. There are also some good ebooks freely available on the Internet that will help you understand in general ways what you need to do to write a kernel module and device driver, but these are never adequate in themselves. YOU MUST STUDY THE EXISTING CODE!
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    I m sorry, i think i was not enough clear. Thats exactly what i am looking for. Some existing code, but as simple as possible, that includes DMA and Interrupts on a PCI driver. Maybe there is some well known driver that is good to read and understand how it does works. Any advices? Or maybe some one made a custom PCI driver, i m not going to copy any existing driver anyway.

    Thank you!

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