I need to understand a bit more of the LINUX kernel build system
( Kbuild ).......More than the information provided in the
'Documentation/kbuild' directory of the kernel source tree.

I have worked with 'make' and 'makefiles' for quite a while and I have
a reasonable understanding of them.

I do also appreciate that the 'Kbuild' system is 'a complicated' beast
and that its internals are known to a few initiated members of an inner
cirlce of Kbuild developers.

With this in mind I searched around in Google for some pointers and
documentation on the matter and I was not able to find much apart
what can be found under 'Documentation/kbuild/' in the kerel source

Can anyone tell me where to find more info on the the 'kbuild'
system? At least to cover the salient aspects of the underlying
mechanisms? ( for example some info on the workings of the variables,
the 'scripts/Makefile.*' series of files and how the config info
finds ts way into 'make's' environment? )