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    Some IPv6 project for Linux


    I am looking for advice. I have to write some programming project that is connected with IPv6 and I decided to do something for Linux (as I learn Linux kernel actually it would be nice if it was something connected with kernel code as well, maybe some module). At first I`ve been thinking about some NAT-PT (IPv4-IPv6) implementation for Linux, but exploring Internet I realized that such a projects have already been done so now I am not sure what would be better: thinking about some other idea or trying to do the same but in better way (maybe such NAT-PT can be implemented only as a kernel module?). I just would like to ask You for opinions. Maybe some of You know some other aspect of IPv6 protocol that would be worth coding for Linux? I appreciate every suggestion from You.

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    Well, most of the obvious stuff has been done since IPv6 support is pretty much baked into Linux these days. You need to research what is available in order to determine what may yet remain to be done, or done "better". The biggest problem these days, which you can't do much about, is the fact that many major ISP's do not yet support IPv6 addressing on their consumer networks. For example, I have AT&T business DSL service which only supports IPv4. If I want IPv6 from them I would have to get T1 service, which is 10x as expensive and 1/4 as fast...
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    What I would like to see is an automatic shift to ipv6_tunnel to ipv4 when the isp does not support ipv6. As it stands now every user has to disable ipv6 on their browers and whatever else they are using. There needs to be a way that users can leave ipv6 enabled and not suffer the lag when isp do not support it.

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    Thanks for Your suggestions. Any other ideas?

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