I am working on a real time project, on a FC 2 with a 2.6 kernel.
I worked on a Redhawk. It was possible to shied a CPU from process, interruption and irqs. I have now to do that with a non patched release of FC2. ( i can't build the kernel).
So , i wanted to create a module that reimplement the syscall execve.
The problem is that i can't load the symbol of sys_call_table, due to kernel 2.6. I can't get neither it address via system-xxx.map (absent). The solution of phrack (http://www.phrack.org/show.php?p=58&a=7) don't work neither, i can open /dev/kmem, but, even in root, i can't read it...
Does anyone has an idea "to use" sys_execve or to get the adress of sys_call_table, without modify ksyms.c and build the kernel.


PS : I have also tried to nm vmlinuz-xxx but obviously, it didn't work. I can't get the uncompress kernel ( precompile kernel from Fedora)