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    sysctl: 'vm.legacy_va_layout' is an unknown key

    Hello everybody

    I need to set this kernel parameter in order for my cedega 4.1.1 to work without unhandled exceptions,but /proc/sys/vm/ does not contain a legacy_va_layout file therefore the sysctl -p command produces this error.

    I have a 2.4.21 and a 2.6.9(-cko2) kernel and neither of these has that option. I can't find this parameter in the kernel-prameters.txt but it shoud be available as others using my kernelversion have done this.

    I've searched the net and found a patch for that is supposed to patch the kernel with this option yet this seems to be deprecated and not matching my kernel version anyway.

    Is there a patch available for 2.6.9 or is there any other way i can enable this option ?

    Thanks in advance

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    vi /etc/sysctll.conf
    add the line
    vm.legacy_va_layout = 1
    exit and save with :w
    sysctl -p |grep error

    if it returns someting it should be something like:
    error: 'vm.legacy_va_layout' is an unknown key

    if it returns nothing then you're all set AFAIK.

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