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    Installing linux kernel on new hardware


    Here it goes my problem definition...

    I am suggested to understand linux kernel in such a way that I must be able to compile and install it on any new hardware.

    If customization is required...I should be in position to find out which part needs to be modified.

    I am a newbie in linux, so dont know much. Can any body give me link, or some guidance of how and from where to start?

    I have searched on google, but all I find is kernel information on superficial level, so not much useful to me. And no link stores all info at one place

    Please help me

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    First of all, compile kernel without much tweaks. Learn and understand compilation process. Follow instructions from here.
    Main part of kernel compilation is its configuration. Details under title Configuring the 2.6.x kernels at above link will help you a lot.
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    thx for the link...

    I have started studying using it...

    I have checked out the minimum s/w requirement mentioned in the link as....

    2.6.x series

    o Gnu C 2.95.3 # gcc --version
    o Gnu make 3.78 # make --version
    o binutils 2.12 # ld -v
    o util-linux 2.10o # fdformat --version
    o module-init-tools 0.9.10 # depmod -V
    o e2fsprogs 1.29 # tune2fs
    o jfsutils 1.1.3 # fsck.jfs -V
    o reiserfsprogs 3.6.3 # reiserfsck -V 2>&1|grep reiserfsprogs
    o xfsprogs 2.1.0 # xfs_db -V
    o pcmcia-cs 3.1.21 # cardmgr -V
    o quota-tools 3.09 # quota -V
    o PPP 2.4.0 # pppd --version
    o isdn4k-utils 3.1pre1 # isdnctrl 2>&1|grep version
    o nfs-utils 1.0.5 # showmount --version
    o procps 3.1.13 # ps --version
    o oprofile 0.5.3 # oprofiled --version

    Most of the versions I have, are greater than the above mentioned versions. But there are problem with following...

    jfsutils 1.1.3 # fsck.jfs -V
    reiserfsprogs 3.6.3 # reiserfsck -V 2>&1|grep reiserfsprogs
    xfsprogs 2.1.0 # xfs_db -V
    pcmcia-cs 3.1.21 # cardmgr -V

    these instructions dont work for red hat and gives error as

    -bash: fsck.jfs: command not found
    -bash: cardmgr: command not found
    -bash: xfs_db: command not found

    And for # reiserfsck -V 2>&1|grep reiserfsprogs

    it doesnot give any response.

    When I searched for these errors on google... I got help about fsck.jfs and others a/c which command I entered is right.

    Could you please tell me where does the problem lie? Or where to find the solution of it?

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