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    Progressive kernal and OS bootup idea

    There is a lot of interest in rapid booting - there are even some BIOSes that are embedding linux to allow a choice of booting to a minimal OS for quick work when the user doesnt want to wait for the main OS (typically windows) to boot. The idea is that this will allow many 'simple' common tasks to be accomplished such as web surfing, checking email, viewing pdfs.

    I was wondering if, instead of this sort of dual boot, if the kernel could allow a sort of progressive boot up. Initially the OS would come up and allow ethernet connections with a basic web browser. Meanwhile the boot process could continue in the background, gradually for instance, adding access to hard drives, and progressively adding more hardware. Similarly, support for java, flash etc could be added, until eventually a standard full OS would be available.

    I understand that the kernel would be just one part of this, but it would be an important, fundamental part.

    I was wondering if such a progressive boot system would be feasible. Any thoughts on this? Would this idea be worth batting around?


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    when system is booting the all instructions is fetching by kernel programs we can speed up booting process but some essential program must be require run before starting os .
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    I have an ARM embedded system board that runs a version of Debian Etch which does this. It boots into a minimal environment and/or full Debian. It can boot into the minimal environment in about 1.2 seconds, full Debian in a bit longer. You might want to check it out. The kernel and system sources, scripts, etc. are found on the web site of Technologic Systems PC/104 Single Board Computers and Peripherals.
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