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Thread: Kernel Measures

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    Kernel Measures

    I am interested in obtaining data from linux kernel like Lines of code, number of functions, complexity of the code, ...
    Where can I ask for these static measures of the kernel?

    Thanks in advance

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    Ask on The Linux Kernel Archives for such information. I'm not sure where you would find it otherwise, though some googling may be appropriate. This is one site I found googling for "linux kernel statistics": Linux Kernel Statistics!
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    You might want to look at one of the many software metrics programs available.
    Perhaps one of the plugins for whatever IDE you use for software development.
    Also, many Universities get their second- or third-year students to design software to do exactly what your question suggests you want to do, so maybe contact a local University for assistance.

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    Thank you for your answers.
    I have computed my own statistics like reginaldperrin proposed, but I am searching for a complete study about linux metrics. If this study doesn't exist would be a great idea to perform one.

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