Dear friends,

I am trying to compile the linux kernel 2.6.33. I need to incorporate a patch into this. The patch creates a directory and 3 src files as below,


Now, among the above users.c file uses a function named 'get_empty_filp()', which is defined in some another c file. See the the following error
net/core/netchannel/user.c: In function ‘netchannel_bind_fd’:
net/core/netchannel/user.c:192: error: implicit declaration of function ‘get_empty_filp’
net/core/netchannel/user.c:192: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
I found that the fun('get_empty_filp') is defined in following location

fun def => ~/linux-2.6.33/fs/internal.h
fun body => ~/linux-2.6.33/fs/file_table.c
The following is module's make file,

obj-y += netchannel.o storage.o user.o
How do I incorporate file_table.c and internal.h in this make file, so that it gets successfully compiled